​​Mentorship and Counseling



We can provide family counseling to help parents, kids, and siblings communicate more effectively. Family Counseling identifies the whole family as the primary client to help build insights into family patterns, establish clear boundaries between family members, and establish healthy communication

Family mediation works in conjuction with mentorship. The mentor will help the mentee present needs and feelings to the family with guidance. 

A mentor is a positive influence in the lives of youth. We offer mentorship programs for children, tweens, teens, and young adults.

​Mentors meet youth in a variety of locations, from a tea house to a basketball court, authentically engaging with youth to build rapport. This relationship naturally builds to establish trust, allowing mentors to provide support, guidance, and counsel as it is needed. 

We also offer tutoring for middle school and high school students. This includes both academic work and organization. 




Family Mediation

Our mentors can offer therapeutic services for individuals that need to 

address specific issues that are adversely affecting one's education, relationships, or family. 

Mentors hold graduate degrees in psychology, so the transition from mentorship to therapeutic work can be seamless. 

Therapeutic Services are usually offered in a confidential office, so that deeper exploration of the emotional process can happen in a safe space.  


Family Sessions